Thursday, April 12, 2012

REVLON Fashionista

Love this blue! It goes on so easy with two coats. I only did one and I should have done another coat. I did the flowers with a bobby pin and a detail brush.

First, the blue. Let it dry.

Then, use the bobby pin and dot 4 dots. One in the corner of the nail and then three surrounding it. Use the detail brush and drag the polish out toward the rest of the nail to make petals. Do on all three.

Use the bobby pin and dot the pure ice glitter gold on the dot in the corner of the nails for the middle of the flower.

Last, use the detail brush and paint leaves on the edges where the flower and cuticle meet.

Then repeat on the other nail. I only say that because I forgot and just went to bed. I was really tired (as you could probably tell)!