Saturday, March 31, 2012

Little sis!

I was doing my nails (like usual) and my sister wanted to do it too. I gave her some nail polish and she did her nails. I did not watch her so I was a bit surprised when I saw them. She had me put them on Pinterest (which I'm on, follow me at Makena Shepard) and she wanted so mush to have people like and repin her nails. She asked me almost every five minutes that finally I rejoined it and liked it. Her interesting nails are in this picture. Please leave comments so I can read them to her.

Not enough nails

I was in a very creative mood one night and I had been doing my nails but, I ran out of nails to do! My sister had already done her nails and I already did my nails and my mothers so what was I to do? I took one look at my dog and had an idea! Yup, that's right I did my dogs nails and they look fantastic! Blue is so her color! She did not like it to much but she had let me do four nails and I couldn't leave it that way so I chased her down and had my sister pet her until I finished her nails!


This is a light green from REVLON with a light pink design. I painted my nails then used a dry nail detail nail polish brush to make this flower design. Its a simple design that is still elegant and fun. Wear it to a party or a business meeting.


This is a REVLON blue that I got from target. The REVLON nail polish is $4-$5 at Target. I love this color, it reminds me of the ocean! This color goes great with long skirts or tee shirts!

Good Nail Polish Brands

NEVER NEVER EVER by the one dollar nail polish! It is CRAP and even though it is only one dollar, it's a total waste of money! Some good nail polish brands are OPI, REVLON, and CHINA GLAZE. Essie and Color are iffy, they both require several coats and if you do to many it gets thick and peals off. Other than those I haven't really used any other good ones.
Some tips to look out for are:
Don't buy any that are store brand and/or cheap.
The best are $4-$8.
Watch out for the reds because sometimes they are to dark and make your finger nails look like they have blood on them(learned that the hard way).
Match your outfits to your nails (if you forget they may end up clashing).

Essie Purple

Here are my purple nails! This color is a purple shade from Essie. Essie is a nail company that makes cute colors but, you have to do a few coats to get it even.

St. Patties Day

These nails are for St. Patty's Day! The white stripe on the green nails is not supposed to be there:)! I was painting a box when I got some paint on my nails! I used little gems that I got from Sideca (which, I don't recommend, the are not known for there nail materials). I bought some socks for my sister (she has stinky feet) also, and now every time I use the gems she says "Aren't you going to ask if you can use my gems?", Im always like "No, there mine, I bought them at Sideca." then she says "You bought them for me." By the way, no I bought them for me because I like to do my nails!

Easter Bunny came early!

These nails are some of my favorite! They are pink (Essie) with an Easter bunny on the ring finger! Here's the steps I do it:
First paint the nail and wait for it to dry.
Then put a half circle with a detailing brush (I used pink) on whichever finger you would like (I chose the ring finger) and paint two even lines going strait up.
Then take another detailing brush (blue) and paint to ovals for eyes on the pink half circle.
Next take yet another detailing brush (silver) and put a nose, line in the ears., whiskers, and some lines in the background for detail.
Last take another detailing brush (I know, there's a lot!) and paint little lines behind the bunny to make grass.
Now your Easter nails are done!

Peacock feathers!

I used a blue by COLORS that is to die for! I love this color (although you have to put on two coats) and I use it all the time! I also used some small brushed, detailing nail polishes, that I found at Rite-Aid. I can't remember exactly what they are called but I do know they come in a pack of dark blue, neon pink, and neon green, or you can get the pack with white, black, and silver(I use both!).

I first painted the nails and Estes for them to dry.
Then I put a white stripe in the middle of each thumb, put a medium sized dot on top and lines coming off of the stripe.
Next use blue and put a smaller (but not by much) dot on the white one, and add lines to the white ones (some on top, some not).
Then use green and do the same as the blue. Make sure not to cover the blue all the way so there is dimensions.


These are not my nails but I did the same thing. These are so cute and are good for any occasion. The blue is so cute and elegant. This is a color by CHINA nail polish and I love it!

Army Green

I bought Revlon nail polish and love it. Here is an army green kind of color. It looks really green in every photo I take but when you actually see it, it's like a grayish green sort of color, and so cute!

First Blog

I'm Makena and I love to do my nails. I experiment with different colors and designs. I like to change my nails every couple of days so look back every once in a while to see a new post. If your a nail enthusiast then leave comments with suggestions please. I am always open to feedback so leave comments to tell me how I'm doing.

Also, another great nail blog is Candy Coated Tips! The website is http://candycoatedtips.blogspot.com/?m=1
Be sure to check it out!