Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easter Bunny came early!

These nails are some of my favorite! They are pink (Essie) with an Easter bunny on the ring finger! Here's the steps I do it:
First paint the nail and wait for it to dry.
Then put a half circle with a detailing brush (I used pink) on whichever finger you would like (I chose the ring finger) and paint two even lines going strait up.
Then take another detailing brush (blue) and paint to ovals for eyes on the pink half circle.
Next take yet another detailing brush (silver) and put a nose, line in the ears., whiskers, and some lines in the background for detail.
Last take another detailing brush (I know, there's a lot!) and paint little lines behind the bunny to make grass.
Now your Easter nails are done!

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