Friday, August 3, 2012

Sock Bun!

I learned how to do a really easy sock bun yesterday and it's really cute!
So here's how:
1. Brush your hair into a high pony tail.
2. Fold the sock into itself do I looks like a donut and thread your hair through the donut.
3. Tip your head over so your pony tail is facing up.
4. Spread your hair evenly over the donut in all directions.
5. Put a pony tail over the spread hair and on top of the pony tail under the hair. This creates a bun.
6. Take the hair on the outside of the bin and twist it while wrapping it around the bun. Pull in other hair as you go around.
7. Tuck the end of the hair in the bottom of the bun.
8. Bobby pin the end and any extra hairs.
9. You can leave it like that or take a small scarf and twist it then wrap it around the bun and tie.

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