Thursday, June 7, 2012

A re-make of a fellow blogger!

I found this blog yesterday that is amazing! This woman does some spectacular nail art.  On her posts she has instruction for re-creating the nail art.  I re-created this one but, I put my own spin on it of course.  Here is the link to her post: Small - Good - Things

This manicure took me a bit more than two hours! Well, it wasn't all work.  I'm sure it goes a lot faster with someone that knows what they are doing and don't have to put so many coats on because they keep messing it up. :)

These are the polishes I used.  I used the Orly top coat then the sally no chip to keep it on even longer.

Sorry my hands are so messy, the nail polish was going everywhere, I may have picked it up when the lid wasn't all the way closed a few times.  Dont worry, none got on the carpet, just me! :)  Like the jewels?

Are those hearts?  Yup, its really hard to see with the light reflecting off of it.
I really like this manicure! I think I'm going to keep it on for a few days.  Maybe I'll do some stripes on my toes next post... I dont know, I'll figure it out later! 
Bye for now my chickadees and maybe some chickadudes out there. 

Is anyone else as excited for summer as I am?  Good golly Im so happy, I love the summer time! These blues are so summery too!!!!!!!  Have a wonderful, glitter filled day chickapeeps!
Here is the original nail art as promised at the beginning:
My inspiration\ who I copy cated (I think thats a word):
(Can you tell I like to make up words?  :)  ♥ )

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