Thursday, April 19, 2012


I read this article today and was very surprised! Here is the article that I read:

Women often get professional manicures as a way to relax and do something nice for themselves. They shouldn't have to worry about the safety of the products that are being used while they are getting their nails done. Unfortunately, getting a manicure may expose women to a host of dangerous and untested chemicals.

OPI Products, Inc. is the largest manufacturer of nail polish and nail treatment products in the world. Headquartered in California, their distribution spans over 70 countries including the United States and countries throughout Europe and Asia. Their products are sold primarily in nail salons, beauty supply stores and specialty spa salons.

Although OPI Products, Inc. claims to be the "leader in professional nail care," they lag behind other major manufacturers of nail polish and nail treatment products in eliminating the use of dangerous chemicals in their products. Some of these chemicals are known or suspected to cause cancer or reproductive harm. According to the Environmental Working Group's report Skin Deep, the world's largest database of chemicals in cosmetics, some of the most toxic products of the more than 14,000 products listed are made by OPI.

OPI still uses in their products three industrial chemicals--dibutyl phthalate (DBP), formaldehyde and toluene--that have been linked to cancer and reproductive harm. Although OPI has reformulated their nail polish to comply with the European Union Cosmetics Directive, thus removing dangerous chemicals from the products they sell in Europe, they refuse to sell those safer, reformulated products here in the United States.

Representatives from the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics met with officials from OPI and asked them to remove these harmful ingredients from their products but company officials have repeatedly refused to do so.

This article doesn't have me convinced just yet but I will start watching out for those chemicals on the labels. I feel a bit like a curtain was draw over my face with their advertisements and cute colors not realizing it was hurting me (according to this article). I had no idea there were chemicals that could potentially hurt you in nail polish.

I don't think this article has made rethink doing my nails every couple days but it's something I'll watch our for.

I do like the OPI nail polishes but maybe I pull back a smidge with the OPI and find another brand thats better for me but still has exceptional performance.

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  1. As long as you use a base coat with every manicure and always do your nails in a well ventilated room ,in my opinion you will be fine :)